Uros Stern

Web developer, IT, SEO, Visual Communications, Design & Advertising Specialist


Specialist in WordPress, visual communications, progressive apps, social and digital advertising strategies, brand promotions. As a web developer and designer I have years of working experience across a variety of projects, positions and professional roles.

I am highly creative, flexible and hard working professional. I can easily work with teams or autonomously, can intuitively provide new ideas and solutions and can demonstrate importance of achieving common goals. I’m looking forward to working in a vibrant office that can offer creative challenges. My working experience includes: Visual communications, Advertising, Corporate branding, Graphic design, Web development, Specialised IT, Multimedia planning, DTP, Social Media Networking, Digital advertising, Project management, SEO, IT Security, Web server management. If your office is cultivating positive attitudes, creative engagement and runs a perspective business development then I am an ideal member for your team.

Professional Profile

Acting in several business roles, from Web developer, Graphic designer, Project manager, Art director, Business developer, Media planner ..

My working environment is in Visual communications. That includes Web development, Graphic design and DTP, Content management, Advertising campaigns, Marketing, IT and Social networking. I have an understanding of achieving deadlines within every business process. I am committed to delivery of projects and results on time and on budget. I offer extensive experience in working with wide variety of clients, businesses and teams, both in permanent and temporary roles, on a wide variety of projects.


1998 – 2002, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Academy of Fine Arts and Design

Media, Design and Visual Communications | www.aluo.uni-lj.si (SI)

A study of Arts, Media, Design with an emphasis on Visual Communications is held at the highest educational and artistic institution at Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Slovenia. ALU (Academy of Fine Arts and Design) strives to preserve excellence in educational, artistic, research and professional development.

1996 – 1998

College of Economic Sciences

Business Planning and Management | Vocational and Majoring Courses

I took a series of vocational courses in Business Planning and Management that covered the whole range of studies (Business planning, management, marketing, statistics, legal applications, rules, accounting ..). Studied the 4 years course in 2 years intensive and achieved the highest possible grades. Official education level – High school graduate majoring in Economics and Business studies.


Professional Skills

IT Management

2003 – 2015 | SI, DE, AU

  • Linux/Apache/PHP/MySQL
  • Domain name management
  • DNS management
  • MySQL Database management
  • WHM Applications/Clients
  • SSL management

Advanced Adobe Training

2007 – 2008 | SI

  • Adobe InDesign – GREP processing
  • Adobe Illustrator – Advanced drawing
  • Photoshop – Professional photography
  • Adobe Lightroom – Image Management
  • Adobe Dreamweaver – CMS Integration
  • Adobe Bridge – Media Management

CMS Management

2009 – 2019 | SI, DE, AU

  • Web 2.0/Blogging/SEO
  • WordPress Advanced CMS
  • Joomla Advanced CMS
  • Media Marketing and Advertising
  • Social Networking

DTP and Pre-press

2003 – 2005 | SI

  • Creative DTP Applications
  • PDF and Pre-press standards
  • Color modes and Conversions
  • Typography and Media publishing
  • Document archiving and Storage
  • Print and Online Media

Skills & Hobbies


Language Proficiency

  • English
  • German
  • Slovenian
  • Serbo-croatian


Leisure, Sport & Entertainment

  • Reading: Religion, Poetry, Novel, History
  • Cinema: Sci-Fi, Comedy, Thriller
  • Drawing, Painting, Sculpting
  • Creative engagement, Dancing
  • Yoga & Meditation
  • Theater & Performance
  • Travel

Work Experience

Web developer & Lead designer

Feb, 2012 – Feb, 2019 | 2u2 Web Technologies | whoops.online

2u2 Web Technologies became one of my leading passions in online business development, server management, content delivery, graphic and multi-media design and more. It is a mix of business planning, application development, creative engagement, design and deployment including Kit’n’Kaboodle of all applicable skills.

  • Visual communications and Graphic design
  • Brand development
  • DTP: Prepress, Adobe CC Suite, Workflow
  • IT Support and Hosting management
  • Advertising and Marketing: Facebook, Google, AdWords
  • Server management: Linux/Apache/PHP/MySQL
  • Server apps: WHMCS/cPanel/Digital Ocean
  • Cloud: Amazon/Google/Azure
  • Adobe CC: Ac, Ai, Br, Dw, Fw, Id, Ps
  • Web skills applied: HTML5, CSS3, JS, PHP, MySQL, SSL
  • CMS used: WP, JML, Custom

Web developer & Graphic designer

Sep, 2013 – Dec, 2016 | ClinicalPRO, Chermside QLD | www.clinicalpro.com.au

To gain an insight into Australian beauty industry you have to work in the luxurious business itself. ClinicalPRO at www.clinicalpro.com.au, is one of Australia’s beauty industry providers. With ClinicalPRO I was working on re-designing their brands and advertising materials, implementing new solutions in digital and printed media, refurbishing web sites and online frameworks.

  • Graphic design and Corporate identity
  • Brand and Packaging design
  • DTP: Prepress, Adobe CC Suite, Visual communications, Workflow management
  • IT Support and Hosting management
  • Advertising campaigns: Facebook, Google, AdWords
  • Applications used: Ac, Ai, Br, Dw, Fw, Id, Ps
  • Web skills applied: HTML5, CSS3, JS, PHP, MySQL, SSL
  • CMS used: WP, JML, Custom

Web developer

Sep, 2011 – Apr, 2012 | Ategra IT, Darwin NT | www.ategra.com.au

Ategra is an essential IT Support and Solutions provider in Darwin NT. It is Territory owned and locally operated by Michael Parker. www.ategra.com.au provides leading technologies, designed, implemented and supported by trained and high-skilled professionals.

  • Graphic design and DTP
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Content Management: Joomla, WordPress
  • Web Hosting management
  • Social media advertising: Facebook, AdWords
  • Applications used: Ac, Ai, Br, Dw, Fw, Id, Ps
  • Web skills applied: HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, MySQL
  • CMS used: WP, JML

Art director and Graphic designer

2009 – 2010 | iM@GOS Studio NET, Slovenia EU | www.imagos-studio.net

With Imagos Studio Net I have started on my own with www.imagos-studio.net company in Slovenia, EU. Our services include domain name registrations, hosting, web and graphic design, print, pre-press, online publishing, marketing and advertising for a diverse range of individual and corporate clients.

  • Art Director / Marketing manager
  • Graphic design and Visual Communications
  • Print and Digital advertising
  • IT administration: Linux/Apache/PHP/MySQL
  • Web Hosting Services
  • Online marketing campaigns
  • Client and Server Management
  • Skills used: HTML, JS, CSS, PHP, MySQL
  • Applications used: Ac, Ai, Br, Dw, Fw, Id, Pr, Ps
  • CMS used: WP, JML

Brand manager and Graphic designer

2006 – 2007 | Pan Advertising Agency, Slovenia EU | www.pan.si

Graphic and Brand designer at www.pan.si implementing graphic design, visual communications, multimedia solutions and user experience for a wide variety of automotive brands (Audi, Renault, Dacia)

  • Corporate Identity and Graphic design
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Video and Multimedia
  • Studio photography
  • Pre-press and Publishing
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Skills used: HTML, CSS
  • Applications used: Ac, Ai, Br, Id, Pr, Ps
  • CMS used: ~

DTP and Graphic designer

2003 – 2005 | The World of Book, Slovenia EU | www.svetknjige.si

‘Svet Knjige’ or The World of Book at www.svetknjige.si is Slovenian Book readers club with the longest tradition, similar to Readers digest. I have been acting as a Senior Graphic Designer at The World of Book, ‘Mladinska knjiga’ publishing house in Slovenia, EU.

  • Corporate Identity Designer
  • Brand developer
  • DTP, Pre-press and Publishing
  • Multimedia manager / Web designer
  • Skills used: HTML, CSS
  • Applications used: Ac, Ai, Br, Dw, Fw, Id, Ps
  • CMS used: ~