3 new ways to use Gemini for Google Workspace

Published on 15. May, 2024

Gemini for Google Workspace helps people and businesses get more out of their Google apps — from drafting emails in Gmail to organizing project plans in Sheets. Over the last year, more than a million people and tens of thousands of companies have used generative AI in Workspace when they need an extra hand or dose of inspiration.

Today we’re announcing new ways to get more done in your personal and professional life with Gemini for Google Workspace. Gemini in the Workspace side panel now uses Gemini 1.5 Pro and is coming to more people. We’re also adding new features to Gemini in Gmail on mobile and expanding language support for Help me write in Docs and Gmail.

1. Access Gemini 1.5 Pro in the side panel of Workspace apps

Starting today, Gemini in the side panel of Gmail, Docs, Drive, Slides and Sheets will use Gemini 1.5 Pro. With a longer context window and more advanced reasoning, Gemini can answer a wider variety of questions and provide more insightful responses. Plus, it’s easy to get started with summaries that will appear in the side panel, suggested prompts and more.

Thanks to the longer context window, Gemini can reference much larger sets of data. So if your child’s school sends a flood of emails each month, you’ll be able to use the side panel in Gmail to ask things like, “summarize the emails from Maywood Park Elementary School” and instantly get the most important details and action items. Need to share hotel details for the family reunion? Simply type @ in the Gmail side panel to find the right document in your Drive, then ask Gemini for the name of the hotel and the sales manager’s contact information. Then you can easily insert the results into an email so your family members have the details they need.

Gemini in the Workspace side panel is now available for Workspace Labs and Gemini for Workspace Alpha users. It will be available next month on desktop for businesses and consumers through Gemini for Workspace add-ons and the Google One AI Premium plan.

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