What’s New in OceanWP: Many New WooCommerce Features

Published on 16. February, 2018

Some months have passed since the last big update, I hope you will enjoy all the new WooCommerce features of this release. The goal of this update is to increase conversion of your shop and having a beautiful and professional design.

Cart Icon Shortcode

Many users asked for this new feature. Now you can display the cart icon with the shortcode. Check all the available parameters here: https://docs.oceanwp.org/article/502-oceanwpwoocart-shortcode

With this shortcode, you can create any type of header and place the cart icon where you want. Here is a little example:

You can see that the cart icon style is completely different than the cart icon from the navigation. It’s done this way, because some options are complicated to add in the shortcode, so I created an independent style to make everything to work smoothly.

Quick View Button

No need to use a plugin for that anymore, I added a new setting to activate/deactivate a Quick View button for the archived products.

Mini Cart on Mobile

You can now display your cart on mobile too! The setting is enabled by default but you can of course disable it.

Cart Display

A new setting is added to display your cart when a product is added to it. This new setting can help to increase conversion.

Off Canvas Filter

Do you want to display your shop page in full width but still have a sidebar? Now it is possible with this new feature. You can see a new sidebar in Appearance > Widgets, you just need to add the widget you want in it.

Single Product

Some things has been improved and added for the single product page, you can see here the features listed below: https://shoes.oceanwp.org/product/aster-clear-strappy-sandals/

a. Ajax on the Add To Cart button

You can now add Ajax to your single product pages too. Your customers can buy more quickly and most importantly, the Woo Popup extension will work when Ajax is activated, so you will be able to catch your visitors when they click the button to buy your product.

b. Vertical layout for the thumbnails and tabs

If you prefer to display the thumbnails and tabs vertically, it is possible, just select the vertical layout in the customizer.

c. Product navigation

You will see left and right buttons next to your title to navigate between your products.

d. Floating bar

A floating bar is displayed when you scroll to the tabs area to always have the Add To Cart button which increase conversions because, your visitors don’t need to scroll up to buy your product.

Sale Badge

Two new settings are added for the sale badge, you can display a percentage instead Sale and you can display the badge in a circle instead of a square.

Cart & Checkout Pages

To convert a visitor into a customer, it’s important that he’s not distracted when he checks his cart and when he pays. That’s why I’ve added a new option called Distraction Free to allow you to display only the logo of your site in the header and the footer bottom.

Multi-step Checkout

A multi-step checkout can dramatically reduce the percentage of users who abandon the cart and so increase your sales. Your customers will be able to purchase your product(s) in a few steps.

Two New Pro Demos

Two new pro demos haves been added in the Ocean Pro Demos extension, a Wedding demo and a new eCommerce demo called Shoes to show you many of the new WooCommerce features.

What Else?

A new setting called Content After Header has been added to allow you to add absolutely anything you want just after the navigation. This setting only work for the Minimal and Transparent header styles.

A new option to disable the cart icon from the menu only on desktop is added, so you will be able to use the shortcode and still have the cart icon on mobile.

You can now display a wishlist icon in your menu or via its shortcode if the TI WooCommerce Wishlist plugin is used: https://docs.oceanwp.org/article/501-woo-wishlist-shortcode

Now the mini cart is displayed on the cart icon when you hover rather than when you click.

A better default styling for the mini cart and the possibility to select between two styles, Compact and Spacious.

A better styling and position for the wishlist button on the product archives and the single product pages.

A better styling for the WooCommerce category and filter widgets.

Tell me in the comments what you think about this new big update.

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