How to Use Python for Marketing

Published on 8. May, 2019

How to Use Python for Marketing

Python is a very versatile and powerful programming language with many great features and capabilities, which make it one of the leading programming languages in the marketplace. It is able to improve the major mistakes made by the marketers in their respective digital marketing strategies.

Data science, analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and arithmetic based programming are the top capabilities of Python that increase the demand of Python developers. As we know, the global market size of digital marketing is expanding exponentially due to its cheap prices and improved effectiveness. The latest research suggests that more than 30% of the companies in the world are planning to invest 75% of their marketing budgets in digital marketing.

Many marketing automation tools and software programs are used for the majority of investments made in the field of digital marketing. Let’s have a look at the marketing automation technology that improves marketing efficiency.

The importance of programming in marketing

Software programming is a core factor in designing and implementing digital marketing strategies. Content marketing uses the power of programming languages to implement the real-time features of marketing strategies and campaigns. The main components of digital marketing include videos, web ads, interactive and dynamic promotions, social media and many others. All these activities are not possible without software programs whether custom or standard ones. So, the importance of software programming in marketing is undisputedly huge.

Other than the automation of marketing campaigns and strategies, there are many other repetitive activities that a marketer performs; and these can also be automated through custom software codes. In short, software marketing automation plays a pivotal role in the success of digital marketing strategies.

What is Python used for in marketing?

You can use Python for marketing research as well as for marketing process automation. The modern marketing is extensively toned and targeted to generate the desired business bottom lines. This is possible only by implementing the business intelligence skimmed from the data analysis tools; those tools can be developed by using Python for digital marketing coding.

The Python language can be used in:

1. Repetitive marketing task automation

There are numerous repetitive tasks that a digital marketer performs while at work. All those activities would consume huge amounts time if performed manually. Python helps marketers to automate those activities by developing short and custom software programming. Among those activities, a few are listed below:

– Renaming of multiple files
– Searching for multiple folders and files based on certain criteria
– Managing multiple files
– Filling up of data forms
– File cleaning and others

All these tasks can be automated by developing a very short program with Python, which offers numerous features and capabilities to accomplish these types of activities easily.

2. Developing custom marketing campaigns

The development of marketing campaigns consists of email marketing, video marketing, social media marketing, content management, page SEO optimization, clicks, Google Ads, promotions, and many other things. This requires a powerful software tool to integrate and manage those components of the marketing campaigns.

There are many standard software tools available on the market, but those tools are developed for covering the needs of a wide range of customers simultaneously. Those tools sometimes provide the generic options, which may not fit your requirements. Thus, you may need custom tools so that you can accomplish your requirements easily. Python helps you get this task done.

3. Monitoring and analysis of campaigns

Once the marketing campaigns are launched, you need to monitor, analyze, and review your campaign so that the performance of the campaign can be assessed, and certain changes can be made if required. You know about your automated marketing campaign, so you can easily develop some short programs to monitor and analyze different parts of it. Python has capabilities related to data analysis, engineering, and mathematical programming, which allow you to develop the desired monitoring and analysis tools for your campaigns.

How does Python improve marketing automation software?

According to the latest survey conducted by Stack Overflow, Python is the top choice of the programmers for its accessibility and demand on the market. Python is also expected to overtake the SQL language within one year. Like many other uses of Python, it hugely improves the marketing automation software tools.

Python programming language is considered to be the best for improving marketing automation due to its strong libraries and in-built modules that can handle highly complex algorithms of data analytics, data science, engineering formulas, and artificial intelligence. It can improve marketing software automation due to the following capabilities of the language:

– Python has a huge library for managing different repetitive data entry and arithmetic processes
– It is very easy to program custom tasks in Python language, so that speed and performance are improved
– Python is an open source language, so you have full control over the source code and you can modify the marketing automation tools as per your requirements
– There are many auxiliary tools that support the Python platform
– Python is highly compatible with other powerful languages like Java
– Python is very useful in developing web-based automation tools for marketing automation

Major reasons to use Python for marketers

Python is the fastest growing language in the present days in all major domains of software development; data science and enterprise applications that automate business processes are a few top domains. The main reasons for the popularity of Python among the marketers are listed below:

– A large and powerful library of in-built modules and function libraries covering the major functions used in the marketing automation
– It is very easy to learn and use
– It is cheaper to learn and program than purchasing standard tools from the market
– Plain text like programming code syntax
– Python is perfect for data science, data mining, data analytics, and artificial intelligence based programming
– It supports a large number of mathematical and engineering functions
– It is compatible with multiple platforms
– It is compatible with other major languages like Java, PHP, and so on
– Offers high performance and it has an object-oriented nature
– It is free to use due to its open-source nature
– No need for compilation because it is an interpreted programming language
– Perfect for shortcodes to automate the routine of repetitive activities at work
– Great for developing custom tools for developing, editing and monitoring the marketing automation processes
– It is perfect for bulk file and folder management
– It is great for SEO and data collection from multiple resources simultaneously

Final thoughts

Python is the first choice for the programmers of today’s market. It is perfect for industrial and web application development, especially in digital marketing applications for the automatization of numerous marketing processes. It is ideal for marketers to automate repetitive tasks, for bulk data mining, and for data analytic based functions and processes.

Author’s bio: Anastasia Stefanuk is a passionate writer and a marketing manager at Mobilunity. The company provides professional staffing services, so she is always aware of technology news and wants to share her experience to help tech startups and companies stay up-to-date.

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