Some Important Web Design Tactics to Help Your Business

Published on 18. May, 2019

Some Important Web Design Tactics to Help Your Business

It’s no easy task to create a website that follows the modern trends and satisfies your clients’ demands at the same time. As businesses tend to invest heavily in marketing, a top-notch online presence is also mandatory for ultimate exposure. The traffic to your website and the lead generation process primarily depend on the layout of the website. Have you ever wondered why visitors don’t turn into customers? The answer is simple: your website is not attractive enough and it’s lacking one or many crucial elements that trigger the purchase.

The effectiveness of web design elements depends upon the cultural norms and values of the people you aim to target. For example, the Dubai web design companies seem to be more influenced by the Arab culture and traditions, similarly to the European and American design companies that follow the convention of traditional norms.

The region-specific design may demand the incorporation of cultural elements, whereas there are some specific tactics that apply to web designs in general. If you are not familiar with them, try to follow the suggestions discussed below so you can give your business a significant boost.

1. Use elegant fonts

The tiny details of your website can create a huge difference. These little components when chosen and implemented in the right way, can divert the user’s attention. Even if some don’t consider fonts important, they can play a major role in making your website more attractive and content more readable. Different types of fonts communicate different messages, and a font that resonates with your users increases the possibilities of more content exploration.

2. Smooth navigation

Your visitors should be able to easily navigate your site. Navigation helps them find the desired information. Elegant navigation represents more than just going through unnecessary information, as it helps users reach relevant information. Clear and structured navigation means that your visitors can effortlessly move from page to page, without being constrained to use the back button. The elements on your navigation clearly depict your business goals and are in accordance with your target audience. If the younger generation is your target audience, then social media integration can prove to be valuable.

3. Responsive web design

These days, with the ease of access and usability, people prefer to explore websites through their cell phones. This created an urge to design mobile responsive websites that are fully optimized for users visiting through various screen sizes. A responsive website tends to adjust itself according to the device screen resolution, and at the same time, sustains its features and functionalities. Therefore, the designer has an extra responsibility: to make the website mobile friendly. A site that is tailored for the users’ needs receives much appreciation and offers an excellent user experience. Nowadays, the need for a mobile friendly website is crucial for any business as search engines have started considering mobile responsiveness as a ranking factor.

4. Embed social share buttons for some social juice

The content on your website plays an important role in spreading awareness about your product or service. In order to get the desired attention from as many users, the content should have valuable information and should be focused on creating a difference. Content marketing is considered to be the most lucrative approach in the eyes of marketers these days.

The top-notch content of your website or blog that has not caught the eye of many visitors, cannot have more significance than the one shared on multiple social media channels. So, it is quite critical to add social media buttons in your content, whether they appear in a written article or in any type of media. Social media shares give an instant boost and increase the number of followers on these channels, and also help with the organic exposure.

5. Optimize for search engines

Your website’s presence in the search index hugely depends on the quality of the content and structure of your site. Most people prefer to enhance their content quality and neglect the representation of the content. A website optimized according to the latest SEO standards gains leverage against competitors who decide not to follow guidelines.

6. Incorporate call to action buttons

The most important goal of each business is to generate leads and this can be achieved when users use call to action buttons. Adequately integrating those buttons can result in more productivity. Many believe that call to action buttons are pathways that turn a visitor into a client. They show the users which action to perform next; on the other hand, the absence of these buttons may leave users confused about how to proceed.

7. Improve page loading time

Web designers need to pay special attention while integrating content on the website as it is quite irritating when visitors access your website and they have to wait for the pages to load. Too much time spent waiting for the page to load results in a decrease in traffic and generates bad user experience.

Try optimizing the images on the website by using compression services that reduce the image size without compromising quality. Also, limit redirects, optimize CSS and place JavaScript files at the bottom of the page.

8. Chatbots

Chatbots are currently receiving huge appreciation from businesses all around the world. Seamless chatbot integration facilitates profound communication between business and users, without any human interaction. Users’ questions are answered relevantly, as chatbots have access to essential data. The chatbot is an excellent application of artificial intelligence that is based on the self-learning phenomenon.

It is predicted, “By 2022, Chatbots will help save $8 billion worth business costs.”
As people are more prone towards chatting with brands, companies have started integrating these smart tools powered by artificial intelligence.

Final Words

Effective web design can bring many opportunities for your business. A website that is free from complexities and it is easily explorable receives a positive response from users. However, a website that is loaded with functionalities and that is difficult to navigate, could annoy and drive away users. Each part of your website should be eye-catching and the user should feel comfortable exploring the content.

Author’s bio: Bilal Imtiaz is an Online Marketing Specialist with 1 year of experience in Digital Media and he is currently the SEO Executive at Unitedsol, a leading e-Commerce web design and development agency. Over the years, Unitedsol has successfully delivered projects in Magento, WordPress, WooCommerce, Joomla and other CMS/shopping cart platforms. You can find Bilal on the LinkedIn.

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Some Important Web Design Tactics to Help Your Business

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