Top UX Tips to Increase Sales on Your E-Commerce Website

Published on 19. May, 2019

Top UX Tips to Increase Sales on Your E-Commerce Website

When deciding on how to increase sales on your e-Commerce website, it’s not enough to take and simply create a page, calling it a landing page and expect instant sales from just one advertisement. You can invest as much as you want in advertising, however, if the site was originally folded up incorrectly, you won’t see a noticeable increase in conversions. There are a number of basic psychological norms that your potential customers respond to, which should initially introduced into the selling design.

Simplicity of design, simplicity of content

Avoid unnecessary piles of graphics or forms and superfluous text that no one will read. An inviting and simple design will attract much more attention. Examine your audience, show them what they want to see. If you’re not sure about your writing skills, you can always turn to an essay writing service where specialists create the text that will certainly please your customers’ eyes.

Think like a customer

First of all, you design for sales and for your customers, and last but not least for yourself. Do not let personal preferences interfere with your objectivity. Always keep in mind what looks and feels tempting to your target audience.

Take your time with finding out:

– who is your target audience
– the age category of your public
– what do you need to know so you can create the best materials that will attract your public

Minimum fields in forms

It has been repeatedly proven that not fear but banal laziness and the unwillingness to fill out forms, push the client away from the action you want. Therefore, the maximum that you should ask from visitors is their telephone number and their name. Keep in mind that the name can be neglected, leaving only the phone number, as a way to contact them.


Buttons should literally force you to click on them. The font, size, color and other attributes should make the visitor want to click on this button. Each color in psychology is interpreted and it’s able to evoke certain emotions. It is worth paying attention to these studies and actively apply them in your UX strategy.

Optimization for phones

There is nothing to describe. New era, new rules.

No navigation needed

There is no need to add a navigation bar on the landing page. A study from 2013 found that only 16% of the landing pages didn’t contain a navigation bar. Tests have shown that its presence has a negative impact on the conversion rate. Another menu added by your UX writer can shorten the visit or complicate it. So, perhaps it is time to abandon navigation and test the results of such a decision.

Convince the visitor

I came to a landing page for a product, but I don’t feel that I need it, nor do I need to fight for it. Standard reviews that are crammed on landing pages are good, but you should think of something else. In this case, you should try different UX tools to find the one that best fits your project.

One static image with one single sentence is better than an auto-rotating slider

In general, do not use automatically rotating sliders – carousels! Although there is no shortage of examples when they worked better than static images, for the vast majority of sites this is a usability catastrophe. What is wrong with image carousels? The human eye reacts to movement thus the user is distracted from important material. Too many messages equal no messages. This is called a clutter effect.

Noticeable section with sales and special offers

In various studies, it has been repeatedly observed that about half of the buyers on the internet only buy goods with discounts, except in special circumstances. About 60% say that they are looking for a section where they can find sales and special offers. Ultimately, make a discount program suitable for your brand. It is worth experimenting with. This idea is applicable to all types of e-Commerce.

Highlight the most popular products

The goal of the main page is to make people leave it and go shopping. The best way to do this is to get them to click on an offer. Review your best sellers or best offers and place them on the main page above all the others – make them no.1 in the visual hierarchy.

Place reviews on the main page

We aren’t talking about fake reviews from copywriters but real ones from the special sections on your website. Pick the most objective ones and proofread them with the help of the service that comes first when searching for “write my paper for cheap”. This way, your future clients will see the direct communication between seller and customers, which in turn will surely bring its benefit.

In whatever price category you offer products, the UX designed to meet the needs of the users will allow you to sell more in a shorter period of time. In order to stand out from your competition, it is worth investing in the UX for online stores and landing pages.

Autor’s bio: Josh Carlyle is a content writer and marketing strategist at Writing Guru. He is highly experienced in website copywriting and business management. Josh has comprehensive knowledge in Internet marketing and online writing services and has been sharing his insights on the blog for almost five years.

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