5G Revolution in Mobile App Development

Published on 21. November, 2019

5G Revolution in Mobile App Development

Have you ever imagined a technology that would transmit millions of MB of data from your system to a multitude of globally connected devices in no time? Fortunately, 5G Revolution – Fifth-Generation wireless cellular network (5G for short) – will make it possible by 2020!

Before jumping in, let me first help you understand the basic term!

1. What is “5G” Revolution?

The emergence of a network that assures 1000 times the speed offered by the previous network ‘4G’ is known as 5G Revolution! The 5G wireless technology uses a higher frequency bandwidth called the ‘millimetres’ which can transfer data more rapidly as compared to the lower frequency networks.

5G Revolution which stands for fifth generation, is the foundation for communications and computing of upcoming days, that will put forward at least three new advancements:

  • Greater speed (to move the increasing volumes of data we produce)
  • Lower latency (to be more responsive)
  • Ability to expand beyond computers and mobile phones to enclose the Cloud and a whole new universe of devices (estimated in the billions) attached to the network

a)      How is the 5G Revolution better than other Revolutions?

5G is better than its predecessors which were 1G-Analog, 2G-GPRS, 3G-UMTS & 4G-LTE!

Let us see which factors of the 5G Revolution effects are better than its previous one, as 4G was an improvement over other revolutions:


5G has a lower latency rate when compared to 4G, which will prove as a benefit for AR/VR technology especially for Mobile App Development that are AR/VR based.

Connection Density:

4G allows 2,000 devices to connect within .38 square miles, on the other hand, 5G supports connectivity up to 1 million devices in the same surrounding; this is a great leverage for Mobile application development which is into IoT (Internet of Things). As IoT is going to expand over the upcoming years, along with it also the community for mobile app development will increase, as the community grows at the same time as the number of app ideas transforming into reality! For the billions of devices that are a part of IoT, there is a demand for a network that offers better connection density. 5G will be able to support the connectivity of up to 1 million devices in an extent of several miles. 


Using higher radio frequencies (between 30 GHz – 300 GHz range) and shorter wavelengths than 4G, 5G fleets with more accurate capabilities that will be exceptionally useful for mobile application development of GPS-enabled apps that require high accuracy.

Battery Life:

Enhanced speed and decreased latency end up with lower battery consumption. 5G will stretch the battery life of mobile and IoT devices up to 10 times. The users will be able to use mobile apps for a longer period of time which will eventually bring a rise in the mobile App development industry.

New Updates due to 5G:

The special characteristics of the 5G network that are unique, including low to zero latency, increased connection density and extremely high bandwidth, expand a completely new world of advancements that were impossible through 4G. Some of them are IOT & wearable Apps, Wireless eHealth, Cloud AR/VR, Remote Machinery Control, Industrial IoT & Connected Automotive.

2. What does 5G mean to Mobile App development?

5G has a strong bond with Mobile App development. 5G prepares the Mobile Application Development Community for a bright future.

The upcoming age of internet connectivity has presented 5G that provides extraordinary speed. 5G impacts the mobile community in a good way: mobile applications will be able to operate even more effectively and smoothly. This can promote the overall performance for both users as well as mobile app developers. App developers also need to furnish themselves technically and prepare for apps development keeping 5G technology in mind.

According to the June 2019‘s Mobility Report from the Ericsson company, “No previous generation of mobile technology had the potential to push economic growth to the extent that 5G Revolution guarantees.”

An estimate of over 5 billion mobile devices are currently in use around the world and all these devices need a safe, fast, and secure wireless connection to perform in the way they were intended, and 5G Revolution is the biggest role player here.

With the introduction of 5G connectivity, mobile apps will function efficiently and boost overall productivity.

Inculcating benefits of 5G Revolution in Mobile App Development:

  • Media rich User Experience

One of the major advantages of 5G technology is user interface transparency. When you watch a movie over the 2G or 4G network and then stream the same on 5G LTE, you will notice a lot of change in terms of user interface. The clarity of User Interfaces (UI) will be one of the major benefits of 5G technology. Developers will be able to improve the UI of their apps, as the outcome of any customer servicing app greatly depends on UI.

  • Quick file Transfer

Electromagnetic waves instead of radio waves are an advantage and 5G impacts mobile apps by providing instant file transfer. Thus, users can stream line 360-degree videos from their phone in no time.

  • Navigation Mobile Apps

The tourism industry, location-based service providers and navigational apps are going to gain a lot of profit after the acceptance of 5G cellular networks. Perpetual and good trait communications will be a welcome gate for a huge number of possibilities for these businesses.

  • 3d model Utilization

With the emergence of 5G, mobile app development, 3D gaming, and augmented reality advance tremendously. 5G network speed enabled mobile apps with 3D printers will give users the chance to create top quality 3D object models. This can give a rise to a whole new innovative method of educating kids in school.

  • Less Hardware Dependency

5G means glaring real-time communication within the devices. Millions of MBs data is transmitted without any further delay. The mobile app technology performance is less reliable when it comes to the hardware processing power of smartphones as the data center is accountable for doing all the processing.

  • Personalized Chatbots

Chatbots cannot substitute humans but the 5G plays a role here by creating better possibilities for real-time, instant feedback; this improves the quality of any service and grows customer loyalty. Chatbots and 5G together will offer more opportunities for instant feedback and decision making as 5G is faster than 4G; 5G reduces the wait time up to 1 millisecond or even less (i.e. the opening and performing of apps at lightning speed). 5G will support the expand of many services to remote/far areas.

3. Effects of 5G on Industries

Not just the Mobile App Development Community benefits from 5G. Below are some of the other industries that will gain profit from the emergence of the 5G network:

●    Healthcare Industry:  

5G affects the hospital resources by promoting them, it leads to the proposition of new methods for supplying training and gives technological support for mental health. Thus it will allow people to use more services rapidly at a much-reduced cost.

●    Logistics Industry:

The high speed 5G network with enormously low latency enables the vehicles to interact in real time. It will permit the vehicle to modify and respond to its changing environment.

During the procedure of transportation, trucks, trailers, inventory items and other carrier services can be tracked easily, along with their transportation speed, number of stops, direction, etc.

Collecting huge amounts of data through transportation is the first step towards improving logistics services. This data will tell companies the best routes to transport inventory, and it will let drivers identify issues that could damage the inventory.

This will be advantageous as it will decrease the number of accidents. Thus, it leads to a safer future in logistics and shipping industry.

●   Smart Cities:

With the entry of 5G, the development of smart cities and houses is a reality. It is furnished with lots of sensors operating in real time. Smart Cities are a unique platform for businesses as it will be possible to connect multiple devices with a single mobile app. The main goal of “Smart Cities” is very important as it aims to advance the standards of the people who are residents by improving the City’s Infrastructure, Governance, Traffic management, Power management, Water and Waste management, Education systems, Health systems, Safety and Security systems, etc.

●  Manufacturing Industry:  

5G networks provide manufacturers the opportunity to construct smart factories and take benefit of technologies such as, artificial intelligence, augmented reality and automation for troubleshooting, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

5G offers the network characteristics necessary for manufacturing. High reliability and Low latency are required for crucial applications. High bandwidth and connection density secure prevalent connectivity.

The mobile 5G technology will permit lower costs, higher flexibility and shorter lead times for factory floor production reconfiguration, layout changes, and alterations.

●   AR/VR Industry:

With 5G, the users will see the arrival of virtual reality and augmented reality in all surroundings of life. From witnessing a live event abroad while sitting in India, the AR/VR technology services will now prevail with 5G.

4. Eye Opening things about the 5G Revolution

With the emergence of a new technology, most of us look only at the benefits. But, in case you are having a business, you must think about the disadvantages of 5G Revolution. You never know how it could turn into your biggest drawback.

Here I am mentioning a few eye-opening facts that come up with the entry of 5G Revolution.

  • Security Issues

    Higher Network speeds will lead to an increase in the number of connected networks as well as devices, and this is something that will create fissures in Security of Wire and Wireless Networks.
  • Establishment of 5G Based Business Model

    The new network speed will ask for business models that make the most of its capacity. This is something that the mobile app strategists will have to give a lot of thought to.
  • Multiple App Versions

    With 5G coming in market, the audience that uses applications will get separated. There will be those who have devices perfect for 5G and those who are still working on 2G or LTE version devices.

5. 5G Revolution as the future

As the successor to 4G, Revamp of 5G is on the edge just as we are in business. Bringing tremendous data capacity, fast speeds, and astounding low latency, 5G achieves much more than its predecessor.

Not only does 5G assure the efficiency and unleash the ability of automation, but it will also allow us to explore developing technologies such as augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). Organizations need to prepare for the opportunities that 5G connectivity will provide in future; those who are ready to welcome the changes will gain competitive advantage over their rivals.

6. Applications of 5G

5G offers a broad range of applications for various fields starting with retail, education, transportation and entertainment, smart homes, healthcare.

Here are the applications of 5G:

  • Entertainment
  • High Speed Mobile Network
  • Shipping & Logistics
  • Smart cities
  • IOT & Industrial IOT
  • Smart cities
  • Smart Farming
  • Autonomous Driving
  • Drone
  • Health Care

After the 5G Revolution comes full-fledged and rules over the market, there is no doubt that 5G Applications will also advance as every field will try to utilize the benefits of 5G. New innovations will happen and the period will be know as the “5G era “!

Author’s Bio :

Parth Bari is a Tech Addict, Software Geek and a Blogger at Kunsh Technologies. I love to help people and found blogging to be the best way to help people out there. Therefore, I decided to express my opinions through writing.

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5G Revolution in Mobile App Development

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