Introducing WordPress Speed Optimization

Published on 3. February, 2021

Introducing WordPress Speed Optimization

ShortPixel is the favorite image optimization service among WordPress developers and speed optimization experts, and we are working hard so this continues this way 😉

Now, we have decided to step up our game and offer a new service with a lot of demand: WordPress Speed Optimization.

It is not a secret that Google is going to start considering the speed of websites as a ranking factor in May 2021, and having a good rank in Google means more visits, and that means more sells. So, speed is important.

But how do you measure your website’s speed? There are many famous online tools that help you see what you can improve, like GTmetrix or PageSpeed Insights, but they are either hard to understand, they warn you of aspects unrelated to your speed, or they don’t see the whole picture (you want your site to be faster, not get rid of parts you actually use!).

With WordPress Speed Optimization, our specialists will personally inspect your website and create for you 3 actionable reports where you will find the solution to your website speed issues. No need to deal anymore with complicated suggestions that will require you to spend hours and hours trying to understand what to do.

Here is what we check:

  • Image optimization: Are all your images optimized? Moreover, are they properly optimized while using the right tool? Do you use a Content Delivery Network to minimize load times and for caching?
  • Code cleaning: Not all the default code that WordPress comes with is adequate for all websites. Overtime, a lot of new code is added to your site. We know how to find every piece of code that’s not needed, so your site loads as fast as it should.
  • Database optimization: Databases get cluttered over time, and before you know it, the site becomes slower and less efficient. We’ll check your database and see what needs to be done for your database to be optimized.
  • Infrastructure revision: The hosting is the element that mostly affects the speed of your website. We’ll evaluate your hosting plan, server and CDN, so you get expert advice on how to strengthen the site’s infrastructure.
  • Plugins assessment: There is plenty of plugins available with WordPress, but not all of them function flawlessly. We’ll inspect your plugins along with other WordPress components and let you know which ones to keep, replace or remove.
  • Scripts optimization: We will find out if you can optimize your resources delivery and reduce the total page size. In addition, we will check and let you know all the external resources that can be optimized.

After the assessment is done, you can either choose to implement all the recommendations yourself or you can save time and risks by letting the specialists do the optimisation for an extra cost. You choose!

Check it out at wso.shortpixel.com

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Introducing WordPress Speed Optimization

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