7 Best Tools To Remove The Background From An Image

Published on 5. February, 2022

7 Best Tools To Remove The Background From An Image

As technology has evolved and shaped the way we interact with other people or businesses online, photos have become an indispensable piece of the puzzle. Many businesses rely on high-quality, pixel-perfect photos to grow and succeed. For example, imagine a website or blog post that has no images at all – yes, very boring. Images serve a variety of purposes, such as making it easier for the reader to understand what you are saying (making the learning process more fluid), or helping to create a break in the text.

Why transparent backgrounds? 

From product images to user experience and marketing, photos can play an important role in defining a company’s goals and mission. That’s why it’s important to give photos a special touch.

Images with transparent backgrounds serve multiple purposes, like creating visually-appealing details or maintaining a consistent flow of pictures. That’s especially true for product images, by simply adding a background color. Even though removing the background from an image can be a tedious and time-consuming task, especially if you’re not moderately proficient in using design software. Luckily, an online background removal tool is an effective solution that can help you achieve that all by yourself.

The tools

A background remover tool helps isolate a subject (person, object, etc.) by clearing up the space around it. Such a tool is essential in eCommerce and product photography because using product images on a plain and light background has become the industry standard. It is less distracting and helps the customer focus on the product. Amazon, for example, actually requires its sellers to upload products with pure white backgrounds.

However, the real problem is: how can we easily remove the background from an image without feeling overwhelmed? Let’s dive straight into it. We consider that highlighted below are the best online background removal tools.

Below are three test images. You can see the results under the description for each tool.

A simple online tool designed by the team behind Kaleido, specifically made to easily remove the background from an image. All you have to do is upload your image and let remove.bg do the rest of the work.

While it is a great solution that comes with certain handy tools, and an API that you can integrate with an application or workflow, there is a steep price to pay for it.

The free version allows you to download the image at a limited resolution. Their pricing plan, at the time of writing, is broken down into 2 tiers: subscription plans (paid monthly or yearly) and pay-as-you-go (one-time payments). The amount of money you spend for each credit (1 image = 1 credit) depends on the plan you purchase; a higher tier means less money spent per image. For instance, a higher tier of 4,000 one-time credits would cost €999 (€0.25 per image), while a lower tier of 200 credits at €99 would cost more per image (€0.50).

PROs: Great AI

  • Good results
  • API integration
  • Bulk removal with Windows/Mac/Linux app
  • Photoshop plugin
  • Zapier integration
  • CLI-based background removal
  • Android app

CONs: Steep pricing

PixCut by Wondershare

PixCut comes with a simple and intuitive way to remove your background from an image, and it’s accompanied by tools to accelerate the process. For instance, you get a Windows/MacOS software for bulk removal, plugins for Figma and Shopify, and an API you can integrate to bring their technology into your own application.

While the free version allows you to download the image at a limited resolution, the pricing structure is similar to the one from remove.bg, but cheaper, especially for the higher tiers. For instance, while it costs you €0.40/image if you purchase 500 credits with remove.bg, PixCut offers the same number of credits at less than half the price, at $0,20 per image.


  • Very good results
  • Online bulk removal
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Bulk removal app for Windows/MacOS, API

CONs: Overall no downsides


Working similarly to the above tools, removal.ai is another online solution to remove the background from your images. It also comes with an API and a bulk removal solution for Windows and MacOS.

With the free version, you can download the images at a lower resolution. For images at a higher resolution, this service follows the business model of the services aforementioned, and comes with a similar strategy. While the pricing tiers are in-between remove.bg and PixCut, the latter remaining the lowest so far. Even so, we consider the pricing quite decent.

PROs: Bulk removal app for Windows/MacOS and API

CONs: Credit rollover only on-demand for monthly subscriptions

Clipping Magic

Clipping Magic makes it easy to remove the background from your images, and we like the built-in tools that allow you to edit the output until you are satisfied. You can download a size-limited preview result free for non-commercial use, but you are required a paid plan for full-size results and commercial use. 

Unlike the tools above, Clipping Magic doesn’t have a pay-as-you-go pricing structure, but the subscription plans are the cheapest for this tool so far: the Pro plan at $12,99 per month comes with 500 credits per month. 


  • Very cheap compared to the above tools
  • Online bulk
  • API
  • Built-in tools to edit the output after the background is removed

CONs: Unsatisfactory results


BackgroundCut uses AI to allow seamless background removal from images. You can upload your image online and you will have the subject cut out automatically within seconds. It is understandable that the product is not accompanied by too many features given the fact that it is currently in beta. The developer regularly rolls out new updates to improve it; some of the most anticipated features released recently are the public API, the built-in editor to fine-tune the output and, currently, two plugins for Figma and WooCommerce to automate the workflow.

Nonetheless, the pricing is definitely a good deal at only $12 per month for unlimited images at this point.


  • Cheap
  • Public API
  • Built-in solution to edit the output as per liking

CONs: Not too many features available because it is still in beta, no bulk


Bg Eraser is an automatic online tool designed to remove background from images, which comes with a free trial that includes unlimited background removal access for images up to 1080×1080 and 2 MB with the basic algorithm. 

While you get quality results within mere seconds with the free trial too, the pricing plans bring more flexibility and a premium quality algorithm to the table. The premium plan starts at only $9,9 per month for 199 images, although we consider the maximum 10MB file size restriction a downside: high-quality photos can take up more disk space than that (since the plan allows images up to 10,000×10,000 for the paid version), and would require additional time and effort to optimize the images before removing the background.


  • Relatively cheap pricing plans
  • Free for images up to 1080×1080 and 2MB file size


  • Unsatisfactory results
  • 10MB max file size
  • Bulk only up to 10 images each time.

Adobe Creative Cloud Express

Adobe Creative Cloud Express (formerly Adobe Spark) is an online design app for social media graphics, flyers, posters, and many more. That also includes a free feature to remove the background of your photos. 

The pricing plan is straightforward at $9,99 per month, but you actually pay for more premium features for Cloud Express, not the background removal feature. Therefore, there is no need to subscribe to their paid plan unless you would like to use everything the app has to offer.

PROs: Free

CONs: Limited features, no bulk removal


Removing the background from your image shouldn’t be a terrifying demeanor anymore. In fact, it is way easier to do that thanks to technological progress. Now that you have a general idea of how things work, all you need to do is get started.

Among all the free and paid online background removal tools listed above, we consider that PixCut and remove.bg are the only ones able to provide a seamless experience along the journey, from start to finish. The outcome is fine-tuned by AI, and the results are probably the best on the market. The process is fast and requires no intervention from the user, the pricing structure is flexible for all business or individual needs, and they’re backed by experienced teams ready to tackle all the issues you’re dealing with.

Links to images used

Gray headphones. Credits to jirkaejc via Envato Elements.

Olives. Credits to mythja via Envato Elements.

Woman. Photo by Patrick Velich on Unsplash.

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