Get creative with Google Illustrations

Published on 28. September, 2021

A picture is worth a thousand words, as the saying goes. And that’s definitely true online, where often we choose a single picture to represent our digital identities. On Google, a single image acts as a reflection of you across a variety of products, like when you send an email, write a comment on a document  or share your location with your family on Maps. 

Of course, people have different preferences of how they want to be represented digitally. Some prefer a photo of themselves, others might select a pet, and there are those who choose an object that might show a hobby or causes they support. But for some people, there isn’t an option that’s a good fit for them. Access to technology, social context or privacy concerns might prevent them from using an actual photo as a profile picture.

To give everyone more safe, creative and personalized options for profile pictures, we are introducing new Google Illustrations. Google Illustrations are a collection of customizable images that anyone can use to design the image of their choice to represent them across most Google products.

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