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Published on 20. October, 2021

Restored and digitized

Hear some of the oldest existing recordings. Deutsche Grammophon and Google Arts & Culture teamed up to restore and digitize six previously unpublished cultural treasures. Now those historic shellac recordings are accessible to the public for the first time in high-quality. Some of them are dated back to 1905, like the one by Alfred Grünfeld — a gifted composer who became the first pianist of note to make gramophone recordings.

Music’s influence on emotions

New research in music psychology and therapy shows that Chopin’s tunes can evoke positive emotions, improve psychological well-being, regulate emotion, and even reduce stress. Try this amazing “musical medicine” feature that contains Chopin’s Berceuse in D flat major Op. 57. Feel how the piece has a relaxing and calming effect on the body.

Learn together

In order to make a living in Paris, Chopin had to take up a job that gave him a regular income. Fryderyk became a teacher. Over time, his lessons became one of the most expensive in Paris. Now, we give all teachers and parents an easy way to introduce Chopin to their young ones. Using the lesson plan and Google Arts & Culture resources you will find out what led Chopin to be hailed as a musical genius from the age of seven.

Chopin Competition and young masters

Why do musicians from all over the world love Chopin? Hear pianists sharing their feelings, including Jan Lisiecki and Yulianna Avdeeva among others. Get to know the 10 winners of the Chopin Piano Competition in the United States. Read Chopin competition winner Seong-Jin Cho’s reflections on the composer and his influence and discover the history and world behind this exceptional music event.

Unique web experience

‘Chopin Everywhere’ is a Chrome extension that proposes a more intuitive way to learn about the incredible connections between Chopin and the world, as you’re browsing the web. Every time you open a new tab, you reveal an interesting fact about Chopin, and how that’s connected to other artists and concepts, across time and space. The extension enables you to transform any Wikipedia page related to Chopin into a wellbeing moment, making the letters and images on the page beautifully react to the rhythm of Chopin’s compositions.

Explore “Chopin Forever” on the Google Arts & Culture app on iOS or Android or online via Subscribe to the Chopin Institute channel on YouTube to enjoy great performances of Chopin’s compositions and to watch concerts of the 18th edition of competition prize-winners.

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