Step 1: Login to Whoops

Published on 17. November, 2015

If you have successfully Signed-up, provided all the required Contact details and received the Email notification then Whoops Framework will finalise your Startup and provide you with the corresponding Login details. Just in case you haven’t ticked off all the requirements we are repeating them here:

1. Provide website’s contact details.

Provide your websites title and description with any additional contact and content details that may be required.

2. Provide contents with minimum 3 images (Step 2 – can be done after Login)

Provide 3 News titles, 3 News text contents and 3 Layout images. To ignite your startup Santa would need to receive all of these. 3 Titles should be short and plain. 3 Content texts should not be longer than 250 words. 3 Additional layout images will be needed for 3 News contents. Layout images will also be used for 2 sliders and for 1 background image (optional).

3. Log-in to your Dashboard

After you have provided all the required details and contents you will receive the Log-in details, Credentials and Instructions. Soon you will find yourself embraced within Whoops Dashboard.

4. In case of Urgency – Contact us via email

If you will need any help at any stage with your website startup – Do not hesitate, contact us anytime. After startup is completed, you will be 69% on your own. We will always provide support for any additional and optional modules or upgrades, content management support, online advertising, web hosting and social networking.