Step 2: Provide your Content

Published on 16. November, 2015

In order to start editing your website you will need to provide Whoops with some additional information.

Whoops would need to know:

Your web site’s title and description. Title can be your web site’s name. Description what it does is a simple description for its content or what is its purpose.

You would need an email that you would like to connect with your website. Email will represent the email account that will be directly connected to your web site’s content management. Usual email names are: info, admin, santa etc … followed by your preferred domain name:, .com, .org, etc.

To start with your design you will need to prepare 3 layout images. Whoops would need to receive 3 layout images. Layout images will be used for 2 sliders and for 1 background image. You can see examples of how the images are used on the Whoops homepage. Image sizes should not exceed 1980px width or max. 250Kb in binary size. Images should be prepared in .JPG format.

To start with news you will need 3 news images to be used with your News. You can see 3 examples as used with current dummy News. In order to publish your own News or Articles, you will have to get your own images.

In addition to 3 images you will have to prepare 3 Start-up News Titles and related text content. Titles are necessary for the News. Content will be sourced from the texts you provide. Start-up texts should not be longer than 250 words. Later you can extend or shorten News accordingly.

Would you like to spice up your Start-up with additional extras?

There are several upgrade modules available. Tell Santa your thoughts in order to provide you with more information. Available modules are: Basic Blog Upgrade, Advanced Upgrade, E-Commerce, Social Networking, SEO Modules … Imagination is the only limit.